[Samba] Leased Based Locking

John G Harney jharney at us.ibm.com
Wed Sep 20 16:37:55 GMT 2006

Hi again and Thanks for your response,

I am creating a WebSphere 6.1 Cluster using IBM Blade servers running
Win2K3 in 64-bit mode.

I am going to set up and configure automated Fail-over for the WebSphere
Transaction Manager.

To do this I need to have a shared file System such as NFS or CIFS.

Here at the site the customer is using Samba on AIX.  My Clustered
WebSphere Blade Servers will have the Samba
client installed on them.

By cluster I mean Software cluster of the WebSphere Application Servers and
messaging engines.

In order to fail-over appropriately, I need to have the following

I need to use the lease-based exclusive locking protocol, such as Common
Internet File System (CIFS) or Network File System (NFS) Version4,
to access remote recovery logs from WebSphere application server nodes.
Without the lease-based locking support, if one of the nodes crashes,
locks held by all the processes on that node will not automatically be
released. As a result, the transactions cannot be completed, and database
access can be impaired due to the unreleased locks

So that is my quandary for the moment. I am architecting a solution and now
of course the devil is in the details.

Thx for your help,
John G Harney
jharney at us.ibm.com

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