[Samba] Choosing Domain vs. Workgroup

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Tue Sep 19 16:01:44 GMT 2006

On 9/19/06, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel <felipe at paranacidade.org.br> wrote:
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> On 09/18/2006 12:08 PM, David Dyer-Bennet escreveu:
> > I thought I wanted to set up my Solaris file-server as domain
> > controller for my small home network, but the more I look at it the
> > less I'm sure.  Plus I'm having trouble doing it :-).
> >
> > I do plan to put my primary files (and other people's) on the server,
> > for better safety (mirrored disks, and ZFS) and backup.
> >
> > I certainly want the logon transactions over the network to be
> > encrypted, but I believe that can be done in a workgroup.
>         You could think about kerberos and other resources, LM
> passwords are not //that safe//. :)

Well, mostly it's a wired network, not wireless, and I'm reasonably
trusting of the people on the wired network (or, to put it
differently, since they live here, they have physical access any time
I'm out of the house, so they don't *need* to crack it from the stuff
on the network to compromise my system). And a switched network, so
snooping my traffic isn't all *that* easy.  And the wireless part is
WPA encrypted (or is it WAP?  Not WEP, anyway).

So I think I'm not going to try to introduce myself to Kerberos,
thanks all the same!


> > And some of the machines are running XP home, since that's what came
> > on at least one of the laptops.  And one of them is a Mac.
>         AFAIK, WinXP Home is not allowed to join domains.

That's what I've read, as well.  I was trolling for confirmation, kinda.

> > So, do I get any benefits by setting up a domain instead of just a
> > workgroup?  Can I even get all these machines to use a domain?
>         I think you are going to lost instead of win, starting
> with the WinXP Home.

It's looking that way to me as well.  Well, I've got much more
experience using samba on workgroup setups, so maybe I'll get this
worked out soon once I give up on the domain stuff.

> > (Also a couple of previous postings yesterday got no answers *and*
> > don't seem to be in the list archives, so this is a test to make sure
> > I can post, too.)
>         Looks like it works now. :)

Yes, thanks!
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