[Samba] File Locked

Leon Stringer leon.stringer at ntlworld.com
Tue Sep 19 15:55:26 GMT 2006

> From: "Michael St. Laurent" <mikes at hartwellcorp.com>
> Date: 2006/09/19 Tue PM 03:36:18 GMT
> To: "'Leon Stringer'" <leon.stringer at ntlworld.com>,  samba at lists.samba.org
> Subject: RE: [Samba] File Locked
> When this happens with our NAS I log into it and grep the output of the
> smbstatus command looking for the filename.  That gives the PID of the
> process with the file lock.  Then I grep the output of smbstatus looking for
> the PID and that tells you which user has the file open.

That's done the trick, I've found the culprit!



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