[Samba] username map change = samba failure

Matthew Preskett grit.monkey at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 19 15:52:02 GMT 2006

>>Again, this all started after I changed a 
>> username mapping entry from root = DOMAIN\Administrator to root = 
>> @"DOMAIN\Domain Admins".  This is in a security = ADS setup.  wbinfo -u 
>> and -g return the correct information.

1. Try # getent group
See what that returns....
2. Are you using winbind to map users and groups? If so, have you changed the idmap in your smb.conf? 
You might need to clear your 
restart winbind and smb 
3. What version of Samba are you using, have you updated it?
4. Try specifying the Domain Admins group in a different way e.g
"+DOMAIN\Domain Admins"

I maybe barking up the wrong tree, i'm quite new to this....

Cheers Matt

I knew that I did not make any restrictions, so I checked the conf file 
and all references to enctype are commented out and left as default.
I must point out that I made the same mapping change on a test machine, 
and all went well.  Unfortunately, this is the real thing, and users are 
clamoring for files and printers.
 From the client's perspective, sometimes a login box appears, other 
times it says the network no longer exists.  Also rejoining the domain 
with "net ads join" acts as if the system is totally new to the domain.  
I no longer get wording that indicates the system was already a domain 
member.  Perhaps this is an intentional change?

Thanks for replying.

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