[Samba] Choosing Domain vs. Workgroup

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Tue Sep 19 13:33:58 GMT 2006

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On 09/18/2006 12:08 PM, David Dyer-Bennet escreveu:
> I thought I wanted to set up my Solaris file-server as domain
> controller for my small home network, but the more I look at it the
> less I'm sure.  Plus I'm having trouble doing it :-).
> I do plan to put my primary files (and other people's) on the server,
> for better safety (mirrored disks, and ZFS) and backup.
> I certainly want the logon transactions over the network to be
> encrypted, but I believe that can be done in a workgroup.

	You could think about kerberos and other resources, LM
passwords are not //that safe//. :)

> I'm not at all sure I want to put my home directory on the server.  I
> want to access my data files, but the home directory is pretty system
> specific for me and the systems have different software loaded and
> different OS versions -- this is not a corporate network!

	You can keep it separated.

> There's no ldap or anything, the workgroup or domain will be its own
> source of information on who can log in.

	Ok, no problem, you can use smbpasswd (tdbsam).

> And some of the machines are running XP home, since that's what came
> on at least one of the laptops.  And one of them is a Mac.

	AFAIK, WinXP Home is not allowed to join domains.

> So, do I get any benefits by setting up a domain instead of just a
> workgroup?  Can I even get all these machines to use a domain?

	I think you are going to lost instead of win, starting
with the WinXP Home.

> (Also a couple of previous postings yesterday got no answers *and*
> don't seem to be in the list archives, so this is a test to make sure
> I can post, too.)

	Looks like it works now. :)

	Kind regards,

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