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dazamaz daza_pitaz at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 18 12:15:04 GMT 2006

Hi guys,

I have been setting up a samba server to share some directorys around my
office network. Now I have been successful in making these shared directorys
so that everyone can access them, but what I really need to do is to make
the shares to have limited accessibility.

What I need is to have 1 folder that is completely Private to everyone else
but 1 user and everytime I have tried this using the samba share gui (by
clicking on the option saying only allow this user) noone, not even that
'allowed' user, can access it.

Also I need to make a folder that people can traverse to and read the
contents of and can dump content into this folder but are not allowed to
delete any content contained in the folder.

I have been able to get the permissions going so that they are read only and
read/write but I cannot make the permissions to the exact specifcations that
I need.

1 more thing, I thought that maybe I needed to use chmod to change the
permissions on the directorys to allow for this but, correct if I'm wrong
please, the 3 numbers don't they represent owner, group and then world?
So with this I decided to make the permissions according to groups but then
I found out that I needed to allocate the permissions on the 'world' part in
order for them to be effective over the network. Thus stopping me from using
groups to allocate permissions.

Any help on my situation would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the rather lengthy post but I thought if I add as much detail as I
could it would make it easier for someone to help me out.

Cheers guys,
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