[Samba] cifs mouting samba...permissions error

Max Kipness max at kipness.com
Mon Sep 18 15:26:24 GMT 2006

I have a Samba 3.0.23a-1.fc5.1 configured on a Fedora 5 server. It's
joined to an Active Directory 2003 domain controller using Winbind, etc.

I'm able to connect from various workstations using active directory user
accounts/credentials just fine to shares on this server, permissions work,
and all is well. I'm guessing this is set up correctly.

However, from another Fedora 5 server, using cifs, I can mount shares on
this server, and can list directories/files, but when I try to read or
write any files, I can a permission denied error.

So to summarize, if I go to an XP workstation in which I'm logged in as
domain administrator, go to run and type:


I can see files, read files and write to files as domain\administrator has
full access to these files/directories.

However, if from another Fedora 5 server, I mount the share using:

mount -rw -t cifs -o user=domain\\administrator,pass=password

I can list files, but when trying to do a cat on any file, I get:
cat: /share/FEDORASERVER/SHARENAME/test.txt: Permission denied

Can someone help with this issue? Shouldn't I be able to read/write from
either source exactly the same?


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