[Samba] Choosing Domain vs. Workgroup

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Mon Sep 18 15:08:33 GMT 2006

I thought I wanted to set up my Solaris file-server as domain
controller for my small home network, but the more I look at it the
less I'm sure.  Plus I'm having trouble doing it :-).

I do plan to put my primary files (and other people's) on the server,
for better safety (mirrored disks, and ZFS) and backup.

I certainly want the logon transactions over the network to be
encrypted, but I believe that can be done in a workgroup.

I'm not at all sure I want to put my home directory on the server.  I
want to access my data files, but the home directory is pretty system
specific for me and the systems have different software loaded and
different OS versions -- this is not a corporate network!

There's no ldap or anything, the workgroup or domain will be its own
source of information on who can log in.

And some of the machines are running XP home, since that's what came
on at least one of the laptops.  And one of them is a Mac.

So, do I get any benefits by setting up a domain instead of just a
workgroup?  Can I even get all these machines to use a domain?

(Also a couple of previous postings yesterday got no answers *and*
don't seem to be in the list archives, so this is a test to make sure
I can post, too.)
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