[Samba] Cannot read from the source file or disk

Eduardo Páez Trujillo edpaez at terra.com.pe
Mon Sep 18 14:59:22 GMT 2006

Hi everybody,
I'm very glad to meet you. Congratulations to Samba staff, for them open
source software is well known as high quality product.
I've got a problem now, since I changed of server. First of all, my old
server HP ML330 G3 suffered a little problem, and was replaced by an HP
ML150 G2. The older server had RedHat 9 installed with Samba 3.22. This
server runs Fedora Core 5 and Samba 3.23c. The older server never
experienced any problem with Samba. With this server I'm having a nightmare.
When I browse over my files, some files do not have the correct filename.
For example, formapago.php is shown as formapago.pht. For that, I cannot
copy a whole directory if any file inside doesn't have a correct filename.
Of course, when I copy a file, I get the infamous "Cannot read from the
source file or disk".
I though this might be one or more of these 4 causes:
- My server NIC is malfunctioning.
- Fedora Core 5 checksum is altered or wrong. Putty also fails with
"Incorrect MAC". This Putty problem have to do with checksum, not NIC Mac
- Filesystem problem.
- Any other problem.
Has anyone experienced something like that?
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Eduardo Paez Trujillo
Chief Information Officer
Psje. Victor Larco Herrera 181 
Lima 18, Peru 
t:(51-1) 4467031 f: (51-1) 4457732 
edpaez at asixonline.com 
http://www.asixonline.com  <blocked::http://www.asixonline.com/> 

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