[Samba] Slow Transfers from DOS/LANMAN (again)

Cliff Tedder ctedder at seco.com
Mon Sep 18 10:15:34 GMT 2006

Dave -

Some more notes based on your query -

* Sorry I can't help with the RealTek card - if there's no driver on
their web site, I can't suggest what to do.  As I said, I couldn't
even locate DOS drivers for our Intel motherboard LAN chip.  On our
system, at least I have the luxury of a hard drive to boot from,
archive, and fiddle various configurations for test.

* The "working" (slow) setup apparently uses v5.2.4 of the 3Com NDIS
driver "EL90X.DOS", which I believe is the most recent.  I haven't
yet tried to look for 3rd-party packet drivers.  Are there other

* If you have copies of the boot config and network INI files from your
working 3C905 (PCI version) config to pass along, it might lead me
in the right direction.

* Does anyone know if there are big differences in compatibilty
or performance between LANMAN 2.1, 2.2c, and MS Client 3.0 for DOS?  If
the latter is really "preferred" for reasons, I'll work harder to get it

If I track down some combination that works, I promise the community
that I will post the details for anyone who needs to maintain these

Thanks for trying - CT

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