[Samba] Win2000/XP on Samba 3, Etch

Bernd Kloss B_Kloss at web.de
Sat Sep 16 19:23:55 GMT 2006

I have problems configuring Win-clients with Samba 3 / Debian-Etch-Server.

Trying to connect the win-clients, the error at logon is:

no primary domain or wrong password

the server log reads:
[2006/09/15 13:34:14, 3] smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_sesssetup_and_X_spnego(691)
  NativeOS=[Unix] NativeLanMan=[Samba] PrimaryDomain=[]
[2006/09/15 13:34:14, 3] libsmb/ntlmssp.c:ntlmssp_server_auth(672)
  Got user=[abf] domain=[COMPUTERRAUM] workstation=[MARS] len1=24 len2=24

Why is the PrimaryDomain empty?

testparm smb.conf says: ROLE_DOMAIN_PDC

Who can help?

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