[Samba] Strange behaviour when joining the domain

Christian Tardif christian.tardif at servinfo.ca
Fri Sep 15 13:56:10 GMT 2006

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel wrote:
> 	Hmmm, AFAIK, the master should be on the PDC. My best
> guest (if I understood correctly) is that your problem is the
> use of slave LDAP as PDC.
You're probably right, but the fact that I'll have more than one samba 
server to be served by the same directory tree does not allow me to go 
into this direction. I HAVE to stick with a master/slave scheme. Unless 
you have a way to permit machine accounts to be created on a local 
directory tree while users are on a master directory tree and replicated 

I don't think I had any problem when I did my first testss. The ldap 
database whas, in fact, locally defined.
> 	Strange things could happen on Microsoft Windows networks. :)
> Let's try to work on te samba side first to check if it is the
> problem, if you can change the slave LDAP to a master one and
> test again, it could lead us to better ideas/conclusions.

Christian Tardif
christian.tardif at servinfo.ca

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