[Samba] Time take to copy file from Samba to Windows XP

Komal Shah countofdracula at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 13:30:00 GMT 2006


How much time should it take to copy 1Gb to 5Gb from from Samba server 
to Windows Xp in gigabit network?

Default Samba configs, a single copy of a 1GB file takes about 70 
seconds to complete, about 14MBps, 117Mbps, about 11% network utilization.

A Windows 2003 server, similar hardware, same network connection, can 
transfer the same 1GB file in about 28 seconds, 36MBps, 292Mbps, almost 
30% network utilization.

Apache takes 16 seconds, 64MBps, 512Mbps, over 50% network utilization.

What can be done to speed up transfer rate?



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