[Samba] Support of Samba on RHEL4?

Alex de Vaal a.vaal at nh-hotels.com
Fri Sep 15 10:16:10 GMT 2006


A while ago I asked what kind of Samba packages I could use on
RHEL4. If I use the packages from www.samba.org then I'd void
the support agreement with Red Hat. (...)
Downloading and investigating the latest Samba source package from
RHN (samba-3.0.10-1.4E.9.src.rpm) told me that the Samba package
of RHN is based on the native 3.0.10 Samba package of samba.org
with some necessary patches (samba-3.0.10-winbindd_2k3sp1.patch, 
samba-3.0.10-ldap-failover-timeout-backport.patch are the most important
ones for me), while even the patches come from samba.org

In samba-3.0.10-ldap-failover-timeout-backport.patch I found this statement:
+	/* Setup alarm timeout.... Do we need both of these ? JRA. */

This is from Jeremy Allison of samba.org...

Is there any technical reason NOT to use the packages of samba.org on RHEL4?

Regarding the above info I'd like to use the original samba packages on
If I only void support for Samba at Red Hat, so be it. I'm convinced I'm
better off
with Samba support at samba.org...


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Alex de Vaal wrote:
> Can somebody of the Samba team explain me the difference of Fedora 
> packages or Enterprise packages
> (http://enterprisesamba.com/) of Samba on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4?
> First I tried the RHEL4 packages from enterprisesamba.com, but these 
> packages always ended up with the error message "Segmentation fault" 
> while I used "net ads join";

If you need support for the SerNet packages, you will have to contact

> Therefore I compiled the Fedora source package on RHEL4; this went 
> well.
> I'd like to continue with the Fedora Samba package on my RHEL4 server, 
> but I'd like to know why or why NOT to use it! (and why I have to use 
> the packages of
> enterprisesamba.com)

The Fedora specfile provided with Samba is compatible with RHEL4.  I don't
build RHEL4 packages only because IMO if you pay for support for RedHat,
installing non-vendor supplied packages would void your support agreement.

Althought I could provide RPMS for the lates version of CentOS which should
be binary comatible with RHEL4 systems.

While I'm at it, is there any pressing need for 64-bit rpms as well?

cheers, jerry
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