[Samba] Strange behaviour when joining the domain

Christian Tardif christian.tardif at servinfo.ca
Fri Sep 15 04:24:59 GMT 2006

Just installed a new SAMBA-LDAP-PDC server on my network. I followed  
the Linux Samba-OpenLDAP Howto, revision 20060710, so I would assume my 
setup is correct.

My LDAP setup is a master/slave setup. The master is on a remote server, 
and the lave is local. When joining the domain (WinXP), it sometimes 
takes three-four times to be able to reach the domain(user administrator 
with uidNumber to 0). I<ve been able to see that it first creates the 
machine account not as a sambaSamAccount, but as a regular posix 
account. After some trials, it finally welcomes me to the domain. But 
the problem is that this machine account is created in a disabled 
status. In order to log on the domain with a regular user account, I 
have to first enable the machine account (which is OK but...).

My questions are.... why is it so long to create the machine account? 
Why is it creating it asa posix-only account at first? Why, finally, is 
it creating it in a disabled state?


Christian Tardif
christian.tardif at servinfo.ca

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