[Samba] samba with cups / security = share

Peter Nyberg Peter.Nyberg at dbb.su.se
Thu Sep 14 11:28:46 GMT 2006

I have a new samba/cups printer server. The security is set to SHARE so everyone
in the network can add and print to our printers even if they doesn't have any
account on the server. To be able to upload printer drivers one need to log in
as administrator, but one can't do that unless the security is set to USER and
a login screen appears. During this time everyone is locked out from all
printers. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can solve this problem?

This doesn't work for me:
net use t: \\server\print$ /user:administrator

Peter Nyberg
Institutionen för Biokemi och Biofysik (DBB)
Sv.Arrhenius vägen 12
106 91 Stockholm
Tel: 08-16 24 69

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