[Samba] Printing problems with samba 3.0.23c and NT4

A. Pohl pohl at vegu.de
Thu Sep 14 06:33:05 GMT 2006

Hi everyone!

I have upgrade my fileserver from samba2-smbpasswd to samba3.0.23c with LDAP-PDC.
Now i can't print to the printers on that server with NT4. "net use ..." is functional, but if  I print to that printer, I get the
error - free translated from german message - "The syntax of the filename, directory name or the disc-label is wrong."

WinXP hasn't that problem.
The share is defined in this way:

        printing = BSD
        path = /tmp
        printable = yes
        print command = /usr/local/bin/samba2pdf %s %U
        use client driver = yes

I have played with "use client driver", with no success.

Is the printing-support for NT4 broken?

Thanks a lot in advance

Andreas Pohl
pohl at vegu.de
INTERMET Ueckermünde
D-17373 Ueckermünde, Eggesiner Str. 11
Tel.: +49 (0) 39771 2120, Fax: +49 (0) 39771 21210

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