[Samba] NT Group to single unix ID

Jim Shanks jim at shanks.cc
Wed Sep 13 13:34:44 GMT 2006

Hello Samba Gurus,

I have been searching for a week for a solution to this problem
with no resolution thus far.  I have a need to map an NT Group
(a large group of NT users) to a single unix user ID.  I guess
I am asking for an example of the smb.conf and users.map file.

We have hundreds of NT users in various user groups.  For example.

NT_Group_1 needs to map to single unix account 'account 1'
NT_Group_2 needs to map to single unix account 'account 2'

We are using domain security.  Users who access a unix share with an
account in the NT_Group_1 should have have effective UID of the account1
unix account.  We cannot do this with individual NT account names in
users.map due to the large number of users and the frequency of the
updates that will be needed.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ray Randall

Without a little more information it's hard to tell exactly what you're
trying to accomplish, but let me give this a try.

We have a server used for temporary backups (moving files, etc.).  All
users login to the server as user "backup-user".  The account has no
password.  The box is well secured through a firewall and is in one
workgroup, so I don't need a password.  In any case users attach to the
share on the server with Windows command:

NET USE M: \\tempserv\backup-vol /user:backup-user /persistent:no

This makes it more of a client side issue.  Everyone just logs in to the
server with the same account which is far easier than trying to map many
user logins to one unix account.

If that won't work for you, give me more information.


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