[Samba] nt_status_logon_failure with samba 3.23c

Dave dmehler26 at woh.rr.com
Wed Sep 13 14:59:25 GMT 2006

    I'm uncertain as to whether this went through, my apologies if it is a 
duplicate message.
    I've got a samba 3.23c box that i'm trying to get Ghost working with for
image storage. I'm using a dos networking client, created by the ghost boot 
wizard for a rtl8139 nic. My problem is whenever i try to log
on to the machine i'm getting an authentication error. So, i tried to use
smbclient to access the share using the same username/password, which i know
is good because i use it to access shares from an xp box. This works fine, i 
can mount the share as my normal user using smbclient.
I checked my logs and for the time i try to connect using the ghost boot 
disk i'm seeing a session setup failed message with an 
nt_status_logon_failed message. I'm also seeing a possibly related message 
about not being able to pull in the browse lists on my server.
 I'm not using ldap or any database authentication,
i'm using security = user passwd backend of tdbsam.
    Any help appreciated.

workgroup = workgroup
netbios name = unix
hosts allow=127. 192.168.0.
interfaces = rl0
bind interfaces only = Yes
security = user
passdb backend = tdbsam
log level = 1
syslog = 0
log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
max log size = 50
smb ports = 139 445
name resolve order = wins bcast hosts
time server = Yes
os level = 33
domain logons = Yes
local master = yes
preferred master = Yes
domain master = yes
wins support = Yes
map acl inherit = Yes
password level=8
username level=8
case sensitive=no
default case=lower
preserve case=no
short preserve case=no
host msdfs = yes
change notify timeout = 300
deadtime = 15
hide unreadable = yes
lanman auth = yes
lm announce = yes
min protocol = Core

path = /tmp
hosts allow =,
hosts deny =

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