[Samba] wrong colours when printing from Windows

Jim Shanks jim at shanks.cc
Wed Sep 13 14:13:54 GMT 2006

I have a strange issue with Brother MFC-5440CN printer.

When I print from Linux/CUPS, it prints colours fine.
When I print from Windows, using Windows drivers (without Samba), it
also prints fine.

When I print from Windows through Samba/CUPS (drivers added using
cupsaddsmb...), it gives me wrong colours:

expected | result
yellow   | blue
blue     | red
red      | green
green    | dark-blue

It only happens from certain applications, like OpenOffice, Firefox, or
Internet Explorer.
When I print from Adobe Acrobat Reader, it gives me correct colours
(documents which gave wrong colours in OpenOffice, print correct colours
when exported to PDF and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader).

I have Samba 3.0.20 and CUPS 1.2.1, the clients are XP SP2.

Tomasz Chmielewski

We had problems setting printer options until we upgraded to cups 1.2.3. 
Not sure if that's your problem, but it's worth a try.


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