Patrick AUDON patrick.audon at martec.fr
Wed Sep 13 12:26:17 GMT 2006

Hi to all,


I know that a few posts treat this subject, but I can't found the good
answer to my problem.


I actually have a Samba domain based on a smbpasswd backend.


I must migrate to an AD 2003 and all is working correctly if I don't select
the SID history migration.


If I select this 'SID history migration' option, I received a message 'Could
not verify Auditing and TcpipClientSupport on Domains' and the end of the
message is 'A specified privilege does not exist'.


Could someone help me ? In the Microsoft documentation, it is specified that
the auditing must be enabled, but Samba can't support it. It is also
specified that a regkey must be set to 1 ; how to do it in Samba ?






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