[Samba] User homes problem

Neagul Marian neagul at info.uvt.ro
Tue Sep 12 19:11:28 GMT 2006


 	I have a question about mapping users home directory's to samba.
 	The homedir layout is based on an old one used on NIS+ system. The 
structure is something like:

 	How can I configure samba to use this home directory's? The user 
data is stored in LDAP (including the home directory and other 
information not related to samba: qmail-ldap, courier, etc) ?
 	The only option I've found is something similar to:

 	path = /home/%U

 	Can samba retrieve the home directory from LDAP?

Thank You,

Neagul Marian,
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Email: marian at info.uvt.ro
 	West University of Timisoara,
 	Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics,
 	Informatics Departament

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