[Samba] allow creating files but not deleting

Pavan p.krishna at inlink.com.au
Wed Sep 13 01:35:14 GMT 2006


   I have tried using the "chattr +i" to the files to solve the same
issue, but its getting more complicated in terms of management, and if I
do the same at the directory level, no one can create new files to that
directory, is there any better to achieve the same?? I have a common
directory which everyone can access, but its becoming a problem when
people delete the files and remain untraced as samba logging does not
log the user file activity.

Thanks in advance.


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I need to create a directory where a user can create and work with files
not delete them. Other users can do anything in that directory. I have a

recycle bin set up but I must make it impossible to delete the files.
I have tried setting the sticky bit on the directory, and the "delete 
readonly" option of smb.conf to "no", but the user can always delete the

files ...

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