[Samba] Home dirs problem

Logan Shaw lshaw at emitinc.com
Tue Sep 12 23:06:02 GMT 2006

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006, Marian Neagul wrote:
>       I have a question about mapping users home directory's to samba.
>       The homedir layout is based on an old one used on NIS+ system. The
> structure is something like:
>       /users
>               /group1
>                       /user1
>                       /user2
>                       ...
>               /group2
>                       /user3
>                       ...
>               /group3
>                       /group3_1
>                               /user4
>                               ...
>                       /group3_2
>               ...
>               /group4
>                       /user5
>       How can I configure samba to use this home directory's? The user
> data is stored in LDAP (including the home directory and other
> information not related to samba: qmail-ldap, courier, etc) ?
>       The only option I've found is something similar to:
>       path = /home/%U
>       Can samba retrieve the home directory from LDAP?

Do you mean that if you do "finger user" or "getent passwd user"
that the directory you want shows up in that output?  If so,
just delete the "path" statement from the "[homes]" section.
Samba will use the user's home directory by default.

Note, however, that you didn't really make a distinction between
the Unix system using the data stored in LDAP as its password
database (through some mechanism like nsswitch) and the home
directory data just being in LDAP.  I believe that if the Unix
system isn't using the LDAP data and passing it through to calls
like getpwent(), then Samba won't use the LDAP data either.

   - Logan

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