[Samba] Re: Possible to have two SAMBA srvs act as one?

Michael Rignaz uluquai at inode.at
Tue Sep 12 18:13:56 GMT 2006

Andrew Morgan wrote:

> Have you looked into WAN Accelerators?  These are typically hardware 
> devices placed at each end of the WAN link which do some sort of fancy 
> mojo to reduce the perceived latency of the link.  (Can you tell I have 
> no clue how they really work?)
> Short of replicating all the data to a local machine, it seems like a 
> WAN accelerator is the only other choice.
>     Andy

Thnx for the info, this is quite interesting.
Results look breathtaking, but so is the price.. this is absolutely not 
affordable for us.


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