[Samba] Login problem

mailing at scastagnoli.info mailing at scastagnoli.info
Tue Sep 12 14:37:53 GMT 2006

Hi everyone!
I'm quite new of Samba world but I'been able to make a PDC work...quite well.
In effect I have two strange problem I cannot solve.
>From every XP Pro PC I can access but sometimes I have to try 5 or 6 times
to enter my domain. Then, once entered, everything works good, until next
login, when I have the same problem.

>From a Win 2000 Pro PC I cannot login as the same user that works on the
XP. It says something like there is not enough space on the server and it
cannot create profile, but it's impossible,I have more than GBs free on my

Please tell me if my informations are not enough to help me.

Thanks a lot in advance


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