[Samba] SELinux

Elio Tondo elio at tondo.it
Tue Sep 12 14:48:20 GMT 2006

From: "Matt Herzog" <msh at blisses.org>

> I have been struggling with getting my Fedora Linux clients to be able to
> authenticate to a Microsoft AD in the past week and wonder how much of the
> problem was due to SELinux. My Debian machines can accept AD logins and even
> create home directories and dot files from /etc/skel. I know FC5 does PAM
> differently than Debian, but I'm wondering, does anyone on this list have
> winbind logins to FC5 or FC4 working? Even with SELinux disabled I'm starting 
> to wonder if it's possible.

Please see my post on 09/06, reposted also on 09/08. It was working for me
with 3.0.14a and stopped working with 3.0.23a; can you specify your version
and send some debugging output to see if our problems are similar? BTW,
I have SELinux disabled.


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