[Samba] Copying file failed

Benoit Delagarde benoit at season-of-mist.com
Tue Sep 12 13:08:29 GMT 2006



I have a Debian Stable (Sarge) with a samba to share file with windows

All is working fine but 2 files generates errors when i try to copy it. The
transfer begins, but stops in the middle of the file, and freeze.

The error message is (French translation): <Unable to copy file_name.psd :
Network name is no more available >

I do not understand why I cannot copy those files from Samba. All other file
in this folder are downloadable, I can copy it using the Linux command cp,
ect... I also shared bigger file without problems.


To obtain it I have upload it on an FTP (from the server) and then download
on my windows, and the file come without error.


Does anybody help me? I can't found any valid raison for the problem.

I join the smb.conf.






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