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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Tue Sep 12 11:57:12 GMT 2006

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On 09/11/2006 06:57 AM, fondomi escreveu:
> Hello
> I am the administrator of a server linux with 25 clients.
> Lasdt year : no problem.
> Each children saves files in the same directory on the server.
> But now, the teachers want that the children have different directories.
> Then 600 children  have a directory on the server and each directory is secured by a password.
> When they want to save a file on the server, a lot of them may not open their directory.
> How can I solve this problem.

	Are you using $HOME directories? Did you think about that?
It could easily solve the problem. If using $HOME directories is
not an option, you should think about using ACL on the FileSystem,
something like:

	/pubroot		-> Everyone can read
	 - children0001		-> ACL to children0001 rw

	You do only one share, everybody will be able to see the
top directories, but the ACLs will only allow the right person to
access the directory. It has the advatange that you can create
script to manage it and the ACL will the applied with inheritance
fro the top folder.

	You can also use some variable in smb.conf to have a
similar [homes] share, but I don't like the idea of reinventing
the wheel. :-)

> Thank you very much for an answer

	You are very welcome.

> Dominique FONTAINE
> fontaine.dominique at skynet.be

	Kind regards,

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