[Samba] FW: RE Help config. VPN to Samba server - UK Charity

Nick Gorman ngorman at torturecare.org.uk
Wed Sep 6 09:32:06 GMT 2006

Please can you help with this?  I work at a charity and need help to find a
solution urgently or Samba / Linux, might be superseded my 'MS' - Oh my

Thanks in advance,

Nick : )

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   You accidentally sent this to the development list: you
probably want to discuss it at samba at lists.samba.org.

   You need the appropriate ports open, which you probably
have done if Red Hat can mount the drives, and you now need
to get the Windows versions of mount and "browsing" working.
Go to the Troubleshooting chapter of the copy of Using
Samba that came with your distribution (or to
and go to the Fault Tree. This will step you through all
the prerequisites in the appropriate order, in about
five minutes, until you find your problem.


Nick Gorman wrote:
> Hello,
> I have access from a XP pc through VPN and through a Billion ADSL router
> to network.
> I can see the samba file server and log onto it using ssh.
> However I can't see the drives / files etc. in windows?  I have logged
> windows servers in the same network, which use the samba network (Linux
> Redhat 8).
> What I want to do is put a dial-in connection on my laptop which I have
> done, then dial-in via VPN PPTP but I can see the file / network Samba
> server or login in to my account.  I have a IP allocated by the router on
> the internal network.
> I know I must be close but I am not a Samba expert and my background is in
> mostly in UNIX (HP).
> Can you help or point me in the right direction, so I can set-up a dial-in
> connection for home users?
> Kind regards,
> Nick Gorman ?
> Email: ngorman at btinternet.com
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