[Samba] Difference between samba 3.0.10 and 3.0.9

Margaret Doll Margaret_Doll at brown.edu
Mon Sep 11 20:02:50 GMT 2006

I upgraded one of my samba servers.  I am using the same smb.conf  
file that work on samba 3.0.9, but the "new" server is not announcing  

 From the network neighborhood, across a subnet, I do not see  
SERVERNAME listed under the workgroup DEPT.

	I have disabled selinux.  I have the same iptables enabled on this  
system as on the prior system and another system  still running samba  

smbclient  -L SERVERNAME -N
Server			Comment
--------			--------------
SERVERNAME	Server for the dept.

Workgroup		Master
---------------		------------

In /var/samba/nmbd.log  there is a line after SERVERNAME has become   
the logon server

    become_logon_server_success:  Samba is now a logon server for  
workgroup DEPT on subnet 128.148.nnn.nnn
***glibc detected  *** free():  invalid next size (fast):  0x090874c8  

Port 515  is open  on the 3.0.9 system although it is not listed in  
Port 515 is not open on the 3.0.10 system.

Any ideas on how to debug the problem?

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