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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Mon Sep 11 13:29:58 GMT 2006

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On 09/07/2006 12:27 PM, webster at lexmark.com escreveu:
> Hello.
> So, my Samba server, as a WINS client, registers itself with the [Windows] 
> WINS server.
> Then, when (how often) does it refresh its WINS registration ?
> I have a problem in that the Windows WINS server is losing its WINS db, 
> then my customers can't find my Samba server.
> Is there a way to instruct my Samba servers to re-register more often ?
> Thanks.
> Gary R. Webster

- From the 'beloved' smb.conf manpage:

       max ttl (G)
              This option tells nmbd(8) what the default  ’time  to  live’  of
              NetBIOS  names  should be (in seconds) when nmbd is requesting a
              name using either a broadcast packet or from a WINS server.  You
              should  never  need  to  change this parameter. The default is 3

              Default: max ttl = 259200

       max wins ttl (G)
              This option tells smbd(8) when acting as  a  WINS  server  (wins
              support  = yes) what the maximum ’time to live’ of NetBIOS names
              that nmbd will grant will be (in seconds). You should never need
              to  change  this  parameter.  The default is 6 days (518400 sec‐

              Default: max wins ttl = 518400

	These parameters do not affect you directly, but which is
clear is that "You should never need to change these paramenters".

	AIUI, you should fix the problem of your WINS server DB
losts, instead of changing the TTL of WINS (I'm afraid that it
could impact in the network structure of other clients).

	Kind regards,

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