[Samba] Automount Windows home directory

Leon Stringer leon.stringer at ntlworld.com
Sat Sep 9 14:12:18 GMT 2006


Is there a way to connect to the Windows user home directory share from a Samba client automatically?

At the moment I can manually connect to the share using "mount -t smb" using the usual hidden/protected credentials file. Obviously this needs editing every time my domain password changes (as enforced by policy).

However, since getting the workstation to authenticate me from the domain controllers (i.e. via Samba), manually mounting my home directory (with an independent password setting) seems very cumbersome.

It's also complicates the scenario of multiple users using one workstation.

Ideally one could log into the Samba workstation with their domain credentials and their UNIX home directory be connected to the Windows home directory.

Has anyone found a slick way of doing this? Or at least any way of improving the situation.

(NT4 domain, Fedora Core 5 workstation, GNOME desktop).



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