[Samba] Feasibility question: get samba to back-up every version of a file

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Fri Sep 8 06:22:13 GMT 2006

You can accomplish this with a VFS module.

As I remember there was supposed to be a SoC project doing this but I  
don't know what happened.

Using VFS you can trap all kinds of file operations (look at the  
recycle bin module to see how they move a file on delete instead of  
deleting it)

You would need knowledge in C/C++ but you can probably figure a lot  
out by looking at the Audit module.

If you would make one please send me a copy ;)


8 sep 2006 kl. 01:32 skrev Sam Minnée:

> Hi everyone,
>  How feasible would it be to get samba to back-up every version of  
> a file
>  that the Windows user saves? Specifically:
>  1) can you trap the "file saved" event somehow in a meaninful way?
>  2) is it possible to distinguish something like Access MDB access  
> - ie,
>  continual updates of some sort - from a regular file save?
>  3) what sort of level of knowledge of Samba, C/C++, Linux, and other
>  things would be required to implement something like this?
>  4) given the requisite knowledge, how much work would be involved?
>  5) does something like this exist already?
>  The idea is that you would be able to go back and recover deleted or
>  overwritten files, as well as acting like CVS for normal people -
>  document management.
>  http://www.filejournal.com is a similar product, but it only works on
>  your local drive.
>  I realise that you would wind up using a lot of disk-space, etc,  
> but you
>  need a lot of word documents to fill up a 500 GB disk ;-)
>  Sam Minnee
>  SilverStripe
>  sam at silverstripe.com
>  +64 4 978 7334
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