[Samba] Feasibility question: get samba to back-up every version of a file

Sam Minnée sam at silverstripe.com
Thu Sep 7 23:32:10 GMT 2006

Hi everyone,
 How feasible would it be to get samba to back-up every version of a file
 that the Windows user saves? Specifically:
 1) can you trap the "file saved" event somehow in a meaninful way?
 2) is it possible to distinguish something like Access MDB access - ie,
 continual updates of some sort - from a regular file save?
 3) what sort of level of knowledge of Samba, C/C++, Linux, and other
 things would be required to implement something like this?
 4) given the requisite knowledge, how much work would be involved?
 5) does something like this exist already?
 The idea is that you would be able to go back and recover deleted or
 overwritten files, as well as acting like CVS for normal people -
 document management.
 http://www.filejournal.com is a similar product, but it only works on
 your local drive.
 I realise that you would wind up using a lot of disk-space, etc, but you
 need a lot of word documents to fill up a 500 GB disk ;-)
 Sam Minnee
 sam at silverstripe.com
 +64 4 978 7334 

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