[Samba] Enabling CIFS

Guenter Kukkukk lists at kukkukk.com
Thu Sep 7 19:26:43 GMT 2006

> I upgraded my SUSE 10.0 server to the Suse Projects 3.0.23c rpms. When I try to use cifs to mount, I get the error:
> mount error 112: Host is down
> by using this syntax:
> # mount -t cifs -o ro //p-t18/G /mnt/test
> What do I need to do to make this work?

Hi Felix,

if you try to mount a server which is using an
old SMB dialect (like OS/2), you get this error.

Some weeks ago we already discussed that.
The current cifs is atm not enabled to support the
older dialects.
That was the reason we built our own kernel with
cifs enabled to also negotiate an older dialect.

The current cifs code must be enhanced (and tested)
to support some more aspects of the older SMB dialect.
With your own special build of cifs you already noticed
the wrong timestamps.

Cheers, Guenter

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