[Samba] permissions on windows share via samba

Shaun J. O'Callaghan Shaun.OCallaghan at durham.ac.uk
Wed Sep 6 07:47:08 GMT 2006

Hi all,


I'm currently exporting our user home directory share from Windows 2003
to /home/our-_domain/ on one of our linux servers.  I already have
winbind setup to perform authentication from the shell login against
active directory and this is working fine.


When a user logs in now, the shell CHDIRs to
/home/our_domain/logged_in_user and this works great.  However, any user
can do a cd .. and traverse other peoples directories which of course
isn't what I want to happen.


The cause of this, undoubtedly, is because I'm mounting the share in
fstab as root which I know is very bad practice.


My question is:


What credentials should I be mounting the file system with to ensure
that no other user, other than the logged in user, has access to his/her
home directory?



Kind Regards,


Shaun O'Callaghan


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