[Samba] Re: Domain SID does not match built in domain groups SIDs...

Jason Shaw jason.shaw at amiwest.com
Tue Sep 5 22:48:58 GMT 2006

You are correct. I have users and groups with the correct domain SID, 
but there are a few groups that have the wrong domain SID and I want to 
correct them.

I ended up just stopping the Samba daemon and editing the bad groups' 
SIDs with and LDAP editor. It may have not been as safe as your way, but 
it seems to have worked.

Thank you for helping!

Jamrock wrote:
> "Jason Shaw" <jason.shaw at amiwest.com> wrote in message
> news:44F868D2.3030807 at amiwest.com...
>>>>> Would remapping them correct the SIDs? Can I just >>use a LDAP editor
> and
>>>>> manually change the SID to what it should be without >>screwing up
> other
>>>>> things? To my understanding, all the important Samba >>data is stored
> in
>>>>> LDAP. So I shouldn't have to worry about the >>contents of smbpasswd,
>>>>> secrets.tdb, or anything of that nature, right?
>>>>> Given I can just edit the SIDs, I do know that I may >>have to restart
> the
>>>>> SMB daemon, rejoin some users to groups, correct >>the local
>>>>> administrators group on workstations, etc. I >>understand the clean
> up, I
>>>>> don't want to ruin anything else that's not a simple text >>edit or
>>>>> command call.
>>> There is a utility that allows you to change the domain's SID.  Search
> the
>>> archives and the documentation for "net setlocalsid"
>> I do not want to change the domain or the server SID. Doing so would
>> invalid the users I have already entered. I just want to fix a couple of
>> groups that have bad SIDs.
> It sounds as if you are saying that the users have the same SID as the
> domain.  However some groups have incorrect SID's.
> If you are keeping the POSIX and Windows user information in LDAP, you can
> do the following:
> Make a backup of the folder containing the ldap data.
> Use ldapsearch to export the contents of the ldap directory to a file.  This
> provides a second backup
> Use ldapsearch  to dump the group information to a file.
> Modify the SID information in the second (group) file and use ldapmodify to
> bring the correct information back into the ldap directory.
> This is based on the assumption that the domain's SID is correct and the
> users' SID's are correct. Only the groups' SID's are incorrect.

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