[Samba] Wierd Configuration

Robert Adkins radkins at impelind.com
Tue Sep 5 21:34:40 GMT 2006

Rob Watkin wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I have a strange network design problem and I suspect that Samba may be
> part of the solution. Any suggestions welcome. :-) Here goes:
> Two organisations are sharing a single network of 30 Win95/98 clients
> with a few XP workstations. The network is owned and managed by a third
> organisation and the Internet connection is not too hot. So far so
> good :-). Org-1 wants to pay for their own Internet connection and have
> asked me to help. I hope to do this using a Linux box running Samba
> supporting roving profiles (which they need anyway) and Squid.
> Whats more Org-3 probably wont want me changing the default gateways on
> the PC's oh and worse there is _no_ DNS whatsoever!
> So far I have everything working as follows. When a new user is created
> her roving profile is copied from a template which already has Firefox
> setup with the necessary proxy settings. When she logs in if she uses
> Firefox then she will get the new fast connection but IE will deliver
> the old. (By the way, this works for Firefox but not IE because the
> latter saves it's configuration settings under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or
> similar). I guess I will be able to handle email with Thunderbird in the
> same way.
> If your still with, thanks for reading so far! :-)
> So if a user is a member of the Samba domain then they will
> automatically get access to the new fast connection via the proxy
> server.
> My problem is to block access to Squid for users who have not been
> authenticated into the domain(Org-2). I could get the users to log into
> Squid manually but that would mean losing centralised user management.
> Thanks
> Rob
    Go to the Squid mailing list, after checking the Squid documentation 
about User Authentication.

    You should have your Squid answer fairly quickly.


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