[Samba] User Group SID behavior has changed from 21b to 23c

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Sep 5 20:58:26 GMT 2006

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>> Yup.  And if this was a problem for you, it would have
>> been really good to know during the 6 months of development
>> between 3.0.22 and 3.0.23 or even the 2 months between
>> 3.0.23 and 3.0.23c.
> No, it wasn't. Was only thinking about and never would 
> have expected it to work that way and will never like this
> from a general point of view. However, i think this will
> not become a problem for me but might for people who
> don't know the samba behaviour. But you seem to know well
> what you are doing...

You can always worry about possibly scenarios and sometimes
you play "What if" so much that you are held back by
imaginary environments.  The fact is that the RID algorithm
dug us in a hole and we had to pull ourselves outside

So far, the cases we were really concerned about have been
non-issues.  Ironically enough, the main problems we had
with 3.0.23 is that we weren't aggressive enough and allowed
the RID algorithm to stay with smbpasswd which meant that
it operated differently than the tdb or ldap implementations.

cheers, jerry
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