[Samba] Question about inter-domain trusts

Aidan Dixon Aidan.Dixon at Densitron.co.uk
Tue Sep 5 15:53:25 GMT 2006

I've looked in the recent archives and haven't really found anything 
about this so...

I'm trying to establish a two-way trust relationship between two local 
domains.  The MS Win2k3 ADS server now trusts my Samba PDC (3.0.23c, 
Linux 2.6.17) alright but when I try to use /net rpc trustdom establish/ 
I have a few problems.  The key one is that I am /net rpc/ is unable to 
find a domain controller.

On closer inspection I find that "net rpc trustdom establish" goes 
looking for a Domain Master Browser for the target domain.  But with 
nmblookup and nbtstat I find there is no local DMB for the domain I want 
to trust.   Modifying utils/net.c:net_find_pdc() so that it looks for 
Domain Controllers (type #1e) instead of DMBs (type #1b) seems to fix 
the resolution problem.  But is this modification semantically 
correct?   Or must there be a local DMB for that domain?  Curiously, 
there are a few error cases in net_rpc.c:rpc_trustdom_establish() where 
the command carries on regardless of errors with consequent segfaults.

Wisdom gratefully received...

Aidan Dixon

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