[Samba] Roaming profiles errors and shares not disconnecting

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Mon Sep 4 12:05:44 GMT 2006

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On 09/02/2006 03:00 PM, Philippe LAUGET escreveu:
> Hi,
> We are using Samba 3.0.22 on FreeBSD 5.5 PDC with ldap backend and
> roaming profiles.
> We meet some difficulties when users logout from some Windows 2000 SP4
> clients, and storing their profiles back to the Samba server.
> The file NTUSER.DAT seems to be uploaded and stored in lowercase, as
> ntuser.dat.
> Then, when users try to reopen a win session, they get a corrupted new
> profile. This new profile is fully broken, since it's not possible to
> modify any options that affect NTUSER.DAT.

	I couldn't find any references for "case" changes in your
smb.conf, but I would recommend the [1]Name Mangling section of the
smb.conf manpage. You could activate the 'preserv case' parameter
for the profiles share.


> When they disconnect, smbstatus shows the user as connected on the
> machine for a long time ( from 15 minutes to hours ) after he has logged
> out. The shares that has been mounted on the client do not seem to be
> disconnected.

	If you shut down the machine, this behaviour changes?

> Here is the output of smbstatus for user test 15 minutes afters he has
> logged out :
> Samba version 3.0.22
> PID     Username      Group         Machine
> -------------------------------------------------------------------

[... smbstatus output ...]

> Here is some relevant part of smb.conf :
> [global]
[... smb.conf ...]

> Is there a way to force these shares to close really when users logout ?

	Hmmm, you can add commands to the postexec, but I'm not
quite sure that it will solve the problem. In our network, we
have problems with CD servers, sometimes, Win98 does not tell
the server that the share is not in use (the user needs to
logoff). We solve that with mount timeouts, it is a separeted
problem, but has relation to the fact that the MS Windows clients
"forgets" to //release// the share. :)

> Thank for your help.

	Kind regards,

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