[Samba] Usershare parameters

Cybionet cybionet at videotron.ca
Mon Sep 4 04:35:12 GMT 2006

Greating all,

I have try the usershare parameter, and two of them seem not to work.

/  usershare max shares = 1
//  usershare template share = /etc/samba/template/

- In the first one, users can create a infinit number of usershare file.
- In the second one, the template are not use at all.

Surely my configuration is the problem, but I don't see where....

Here the config of the smb.conf in the global section for the usershare:

/  usershare path = /etc/samba/usershares
  usershare max shares = 1

  usershare allow guests = no
  usershare owner only = no
  usershare prefix allow list = /some path;/some_other_path
  ; usershare prefix deny list =
  usershare template share = /etc/samba/template

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