[Samba] arrange users write permission on mounted share

reader at newsguy.com reader at newsguy.com
Sat Sep 2 13:16:47 GMT 2006

   Genoo linux

How can I arrange for normal user to have write permission on cifs
mounted share, when the share is winxp.

I've just been resorting to using root account for that, but it is
getting where I often need to write as user for one reason or another.

smbmount and mount.cifs both say to use uid=USERNAME to say who owns
files on the mounted device but that still doesn't allow a user to
write there.

My current mount command from fstab looks like this (wrapped for mail):
//chub/chub-e    /mnt/chub-e  \
cifs noauto,username=reader,uid=reader,credentials=/etc/samba/CifsCredentials

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