[Samba] ftp 8x faster than samba

Robert Adkins radkins at impelind.com
Fri Sep 1 21:45:15 GMT 2006

Blaine Armsterd wrote:
> Robert Adkins wrote:
>>    Again, I suggest that you test like things with like things, test 
>> a Windows server's file sharing and then Samba file sharing. Test FTP 
>> on a Windows server and then FTP on a Linux server and do this on a 
>> controlled network where only the workstation and the server are 
>> connected via one hub that has no other network connected to it. That 
>> way you can more clearly determine which is faster.
> I tested the samve server and the same file over the same connection. 
> There's 2 boxes on the switch here at my house. There's no more 
> testing necessary. I can transfer the 723Mb file in 24 seconds using 
> FTP. There's no reason for Samba to take over 2 minutes.
    Samba and FTP both have vastly differing overheads that affect the 
transfer of files. Samba (and Windows Server's Filesharing) will never 
equal FTP in performance. Neither will even come close. FTP is an 
entirely different protocol that is extremely loose and insecure.

    You are talking about comparing Oranges to Chevy Trucks. They aren't 
the same besides the fact that Oranges are commonly round and Chevy 
Trucks commonly have Round Tires on them.

    Setup a Windows Server 2003 machine and test copying that file using 
Windows Filesharing and also using an FTP Server on the Windows Server. 
That is what I mean when I say test like with like. Compare the speed of 
the Windows machine in serving that file via FTP and compare that to the 
Linux machine serving FTP, then compare both in serving SMB/CIFS 
filesharing. That is the only logical, reasonable and true test that you 
will be able to make.

    Again, I am posting this back to the Samba list. I will *NOT* 
respond to you again.

    Robert Adkins

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