[Samba] vim timestamp issues on CIFS mounted shares

Chris Elston chrise at source9.com
Fri Sep 1 15:30:06 GMT 2006

I just wanted to update everyone, if it helps, that I installed 3.0.23c
from source RPMs and it had no affect on the issue I'm having.

Anyone have any ideas on this?  Would I be better off pursuing this on
the CIFS or any other mail list?


On Thu, 2006-08-31 at 14:54 -0400, Chris Elston wrote:
> First: this is my first post on this list so any suggestions, let me
> know.
> I recently had to make the move from SMBFS to CIFS when I upgraded from
> Fedora 4 to 5.  Changing settings in my /etc/fstab was easy and no
> errors come up but now I'm having an issue very similar to post I found
> on your list that got no response back in April:
> http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2006-April/119813.html
> Just as he describes in his second point, while editing a file from a
> CIFS mounted share, something is confusing vim as to the timestamp of
> the file and it thinks that the file has changed since my last writing.
> My first write always works without a warning but all subsequent writes
> produce the warning.  I can guarantee that I am in fact the only person
> editing this file 
> This occurs regardless of what OS owns the share.  I'm experiencing the
> same situation on mounted shares from a Windows 2003 server as well
> another Linux server running Fedora 5 as well.  This leads me to believe
> it's more a client-side issue than improperly configured shares.  To a
> further point, I attempted to alter the date/time on the Windows 2003
> server to both before and after the date/time on my client machine w/ no
> change in situation.  I've encountered some Vim
> discussions/documentation alluding to an issue on Windows relating to
> daylight savings but, again, since this appears to be happening
> regardless of server OS, I've again weeded that out as a cause.
> This issue never occurred while using SMBFS so I can only attribute it
> to the new, forced, use of CIFS.  Likewise, I'm hesitant to blame vim as
> I'm not having this problem on local files or files mounted through NFS
> or other means.  Here's a run-down of my specs if it helps:
> OS:  Fedora Core 5 Linux
> Kernel version: 2.6.17 (from 2.6.17-1.2174_FC5 RPM)
> Samba version: 3.0.23b (from samba.org provided RPMs)
> /etc/fstab:
> auto,setuids,user=XXX,password=XXX,gid=celston,uid=celston,dir_mode=0775,file_mode=0664        0 0
> As I mentioned, the only post I found through some Google searching was
> the one from above.  If this has been covered before, I apologize.  I
> appreciate any feedback.
> Chris Elston

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