[Samba] Migration 2.x-> 3.0 with new server, sharing files during migration process?

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Fri Sep 1 15:23:46 GMT 2006

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On 09/01/2006 07:47 AM, Andreas Gerstenberg escreveu:
> Hello!
> I'm looking for a solution, how the data of a Samba server can be shared
> between 2 Samba Servers (2.x and 3.0) during migration process. The new
> environment will be done from scratch, new Hardware, etc.
> Old Samba server/environment:
>  Samba 2.x
>  Authentication via W2k Server (security = DOMAIN)
>  Server has more than 100 netbios aliases
>  Users and Groups are stored in /etc/{passwd,groups}
>  Access to shares via "valid users = @group" in smb.conf
>  other authorization done via file/directory rights
> New Samba Server/environment:
>  Samba 3 as AD Member Server (security = ADS)
>  winbind
> The new server is in a complete new environment, new IP-Network, new ADC
> (W2k3), the AD will also be done from scratch (new users, new groups,
> etc.). I can't switch the users from the old to the new environment
> within one day, the migration time will be about 1 month. Are the any
> solutions, how I can share the existing files between both servers or
> how I can use one server working in both environments?

	You could use ldapsam_compat in the 3.0.X server, but it
is a good idea to migrate to Samba3 series as soons as possible,
to use new resources. And also, do not try it in production, try
it in test before, because you could have some unexpected

	Considering that you are running both servers as ADS
members, it shouldn't be a big problem. But, now comes a new
question: what exactly "data" are you trying to share between
Samba Servers?

	Why 01 month to migrate the users? It could be done with
a script in a few hours. As I see you scenario, you should be
able to prepare the new environment at least with the new users
and share the account information.

	If you are speaking about phisically migrate them, that
I can understand, but if you are able to set two environments
sharing the underground information using Samba, you should be
able to achieve what you want.

> Thanks,
> Andy

	Kind regards,

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