[Samba] Linux as PDC

Robert Adkins radkins at impelind.com
Fri Sep 1 13:25:26 GMT 2006


    Post your smb.conf file, remove identifying information or 
substitute it for something else, such as IP Address ranges and 
Server/Workgroup names. You may also wish to cut out any information 
about the shares as well.

    Beyond that, with these workstations you are attempting to join to 
the domain, are they already in a workgroup using the same name as the 
domain? Also, do they have any mounted drives on the server you are 
setting up as the Samba PDC?

    Both of those will cause a failure for Samba to allow the creation 
of computer accounts and Domain joining.

    If the computers are not part of DomainX and are part of WorkGroupY, 
but you have a share from the PDC of DomainX mounted, type the following 
in the Windows command line...

   net use * /D (Yes, with a capital D)

    This will disconnect all connections to the server and will allow 
you to join the workstation to the domain, just fine.


    Robert Adkins
    IT Manager/Buyer
    Impel Industries, Inc.

Rob Watkin wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to configure Samba as a primary domain controller so that
> our local school can have roaming logins. I am using Ubuntu server
> 6.06.1 on i386. So far I can get everything working as a workgroup but I
> can't get my windows clients to join the domain.
> I have read and followed several HOWTO's but I keep hitting the same
> problems. Are there any documents which explain what a PDC is and how I
> can tell why my windows clients wont join my domain.
> Thanks
> Rob W

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