[Samba] samba/cups backend and client IP address

Vieri Di Paola vieridipaola at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 1 13:09:42 GMT 2006


I am testing a custom CUPS backend bash script. I
would like to receive the client's IP address (as per
the %I samba option).

In my smb.conf I've set 
printcap name = cups
printing = cups
in the [printers] section, "print command", "lpq
command" and "lprm command" are commented out.

I setup a cups printer with lpadmin and specified a
deviceuri to point to my custom cups backend script.

To check the arguments passed to the backend script, I
put the following in it:

echo "Arguments: |$1|$2|$3|$4|$5|$6|$7|$8|" >

When I print from a network client to the printer
share  I can record username, filename, etc. but I
can't find the client's IP address.

I believe it can be passed within smb.conf with the %I
argument within the -o option but I don't really know
how to do this. Can someone please give me a hint?



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