[Samba] Migration 2.x-> 3.0 with new server, sharing files during migration process?

Andreas Gerstenberg sep2006 at nxdomain.de
Fri Sep 1 10:47:04 GMT 2006


I'm looking for a solution, how the data of a Samba server can be shared
between 2 Samba Servers (2.x and 3.0) during migration process. The new
environment will be done from scratch, new Hardware, etc.

Old Samba server/environment:
 Samba 2.x
 Authentication via W2k Server (security = DOMAIN)
 Server has more than 100 netbios aliases
 Users and Groups are stored in /etc/{passwd,groups}
 Access to shares via "valid users = @group" in smb.conf
 other authorization done via file/directory rights

New Samba Server/environment:
 Samba 3 as AD Member Server (security = ADS)

The new server is in a complete new environment, new IP-Network, new ADC
(W2k3), the AD will also be done from scratch (new users, new groups,
etc.). I can't switch the users from the old to the new environment
within one day, the migration time will be about 1 month. Are the any
solutions, how I can share the existing files between both servers or
how I can use one server working in both environments?


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